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Mercedes Benz

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Mercedes Benz

I live in Mazotos with my family and one night on the way home from visiting my fathers house the engine on my Mercedes just seized up.  It was a nasty experience as the cars back wheels locked up causing the car to skid quite a distance on the highway. We later found out that a stone had made a hole in the oil cooler, losing all the oil in the engine.

I have owned the car from new and did not want to part with it as it was in excellent condition. On a visit to the Mercedes main dealer it was clear that we just could not afford a new replacement engine so I decided to search for a Mercedes specialist in the hope that something could be done.
The garage owner that I usually went to recommended Steve at ‘Specialist Engineers’, he told me that he was very good on Mercedes cars.  I arranged to transport the car to Steve and he started to remove and dismantle the engine so that he could see the damage and salvage what he could.  Although in bad shape, the only major part that was needed was the crankshaft, Steve found one for me second hand. Steve completely rebuilt the engine for me and all the work was done in his garage in Larnaca.  He was kind enough to allow me to watch the work being carried out and I took photographs to show my family.

I was very happy with the work Steve carried out. He is, in my opinion, a very good mechanic and was very professional doing all the work himself.

My car is now running so well, it never felt as good even when it was new.  I am a very happy customer, Steven fixed my car for a fraction of what I was quoted by the Mercedes main dealer and I feel that he did a better job than anybody could have done – I know because I was there to see it.
This happened a while ago and since then my whole family uses Steve for all of our car repairs.  We know we can trust him and he has never let us down.  We all recommend Steven.   Thank you.

Mr George Levendis – Civil Engineer
Mazotos – Larnaca

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