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V12 E-Type Jaguar

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Jaguar V12 E-Type

I had heard of Mr Steven of ‘Specialist Engineers’ about three years ago but didn’t have the opportunity to meet with him.

I own a V12 E-Type Jaguar that needed work to be carried out on it. At first the search for a restoration expert was kept close to home in Nicosia.  I had taken time in selecting various specialists that I deemed capable of carrying out the work on my E-Type to my satisfaction.  I had visited the workshops of most, if not all, of the so called specialists to see their work and meet the owners, expanding my search and travelling over most of the Island.  I was not ready to entertain the though of allowing any of the garages I had visited to carry out any of the work for me at all.  Let’s just say, I was not at all impressed!

The only alternative was to ship the car back to England to a well known restoration specialist but the drawback here was the huge expense!  Almost a year had passed and I just kept the car in storage, as time elapsed the probability of getting my car back on the road seemed further and further away.  Then by pure chance, the colleague who had first recommended Mr Steven to me, was going down to see him at the Larnaca workshop.  I was invited to go along, with some scepticism, I regret to confess.

After meeting Mr Steven and taken around the workshop to view other ongoing projects, I was convinced that perhaps this was the answer to my prayers.  I have returned to Mr Steven many times now in order to have some major repairs done to my E-Type, mechanical and body repairs and fabrication work.  Every time I collect my car, I am thrilled at the standard of work that are carried out.  It never ceases to amaze me just how far Mr Steven will go to achieve perfection. The work, quite simply, is amazing.

I decided to have the whole car restored with several of the ‘Specialist Engineers’ modifications to improve its handling, performance and safety. This car is now approaching forty years old and I’d test driven an E-Type that Mr Steven had modified in these areas and the difference was instantly noticeable.

The work on my car is still ongoing, I hope that you enjoy the photo gallery of the great work that ‘Specialist Engineers’ have done for me, as much as I have.

Mr Stelios T – Lawyer
Nicosia – Cyprus


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